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A Streamlined Online Process for Apple Specialized Repairs

We designed the all new website for Repairlab. Focused on intuitively signing up smartdevice repairs online and outstanding visual style.

  • Wireframing
  • Styleframing
  • Online Strategy
  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
  • API development

About this project

Lately, Dutch smartphone repair center Repairlab has been on track to become one of the most renowned Dutch Apple service partners. Since 2019, we have been collaborating closely to develop their all new website. The starting point here was to create a seamless online experience for registering smartdevice repairs of all sorts and sizes. In an amazing co-creative process with the management of Repairlab, we redesigned this process and achieved a final design in which it is possible to sign up your device for repair in a matter of seconds, without the need to make a separate appointment or have an extensive correspondence. This has been made possible by creating a structured database of over 1000 device prices and repair types, and by designing an amazingly intuitive front-end with a smooth user experience. Even though the website contains a lot of information about Repairlab and their working process, frequently asked questions and vacancies, the website has been designed with a clear focus on easy and efficient repair sign-up. Also, we integrated an API connection with Repairlab's ERP system to post new requests directly in their central portal. Ultimately, we used a fresh Apple-inspired style for the visual appearance of the website... who does not like it?

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