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App Design & Development

Development of structured, intuitive and elegant apps

We have a passion for UI/UX design, especially when it comes to designing and developing (web-)apps that often times have much information and features to display. M7 is ready to be your full-stack partner from idea to realization and maintenance of your app concept.


When you want to introduce a rather functional digital concept to your customers, you often pass the state of an informative website. Here, we are talking about platforms with diverse user roles, third party apps with API integrations and laborious features. We are experienced in designing and developing (web-)apps from A to Z. We often take one stap back before we dive into technical talks – we like to ask the "why" question. Not to be smart, but to be able to fully understand your business case. This is where we distinguish ourselves from the rest, we are business-minded tech geeks that absolutely love diving into your organization's shoes. Many of our clients express our remarkable speed in internalizing their business case and coming up with creative solutions – next to the great quality in the design and development.

Clear business case – let's start the development of your (web-)app. We always kick-off with wireframing sessions: sketching the skeleton of the final app in terms of functionality and lay-out of information and actions. In most of the cases, it is not possible to just sketch the app from the attic room and come up with a full-fledged wireframe just by talking to your organization's supervisory board. Therefore, we dive deep into your organizations operational departments and processes that they run, tracing bottlenecks and opportunities that should be addressed by the desired (web-)app. This feedback loop from high-level requirements and operational insight, we like to keep throughout the entire process too. When the wireframe has been set up, we start composing a style library of reusable elements, matching to your corporate identity and start developing the app. We try to work towards minimum viable products (MVP) in order to keep expectations and quotations straight-forward and aim to build long-lasting and continuous relationships with our clients. Because, a successful (web-)app is rarely built and wrapped-up within a month.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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