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The World of Quantified Sports and Video-Analysis

We designed the complete user interface and experience for the TeamTV web-app. Many advanced layouts have been designed for users to input, visualize and analyze match data for sports like football, field hockey, korfball, handball and tennis. 

  • Concepting
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Prototyping

About this project

Ever since we met the founders in 2017, we have been functioning as TeamTV's core partner in design and branding. We worked ourselves through a co-creative conceptual trajectory where we mapped all the requirements and desired features of the web-app. Next, we collaboratively set up a roadmap to divide the design process in different sections with multiple iterations to keep the involvement of the TeamTV product owners at a high level. For each functional section of the web-app, we consequently did prototyping and wireframing in order to come to a fitting UI/UX design. At the end of each design sprint, an interactive prototype has been built for desktop, tablet and mobile layouts in order to best mimic the eventual end product. By using these presentation mechanisms, we enabled the TeamTV team to review designs in-depth pre-development, which has saved a tremendous amount of time throughout the years. This project setup still works today. Yet, we designed over 1000 unique sections – because of the size of this project we put effort in constructing a UI library for this project that enables us to roll-out designs more style-consistently and efficiently.

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