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Broaden your horizon. With four domains of service, we are your ultimate partner in crime when it comes to growing your business in the 21st century.


A brand is way more than just a logo or a bunch of colors - it is an expression of identity that gives your customer the opportunity to bond with your organization. Think about it. It is much easier to remember something when its name, its way of communicating or its visual appearance has left behind a clear or unique feeling. For instance, oranges in the supermarket are bundled in a net with a label. After eating and really enjoying these oranges, how would you refer to this type of oranges to a friend of yours when they were not labeled? For exactly this reason, branding plays a huge role in the online business landscape.

Ultimately, whether your customer establishes an awareness of your brand identity consciously or unconsciously, it will positively effect their loyalty and behavior towards your organization – especially in modern world where a quick comparison or search query is done within seconds. The (first) impressions and takeaways that a customer has with your brand are of crucial importance in their decision making processes, even later on in time.

At M7, we are specialized when it comes to branding. We have a demonstrated experience in full-stack processes from determining strategic brand positioning, performing an organizational analysis and designing a scalable, recognizable logo. Often times, we also deliver a brandbook that summarizes your corporate brand and its colors, typography, tone of voice and many other aspects in one single document. Very handy to guide creative business processes with both internal and external workforces.



When people think about design, they think about some kind of visual or artwork, at least something tangible. Though, the definition of design goes far beyond. Design to our mind is the art of how things work. Design neither is the way things look only, nor the way things function only. Design bridges the gap of visualization and function.

When it comes to design, information and technology, we are a real specialist in consulting organizations in any stage - ranging from start-ups to large international firms. Here, we advise in how information can be collected, visualized or automated. Also, we can serve as your organization's strategic partner to design an IT strategy and commercial proposition around it. And, to follow up on this IT strategy, we can help design the necessary documentation (guides, presentations) to communicate and implement new projects throughout your organization.

Design plays an unmistakable role in modern business. For instance, infographics such as pricing tables and illustrations heavily support in selling your organization's products or services. Just like posters, flyers and business cards do. Basically, the world would be really unclear without graphically designed things. So, you better make clear what you are talking about...

Ultimately, today design often times revolves around the web. At M7, we have a lot of experience in designing for the web, specifically UI/UX. User Interface and User Experience design are important in realizing intuïtive digital products such as websites and (web)apps. UI/UX design is the art of making these products intuïtive, usable and exciting. For a lot of clients, we serve as their main partner in digital design, so constantly enhancing their customers' experience – online and offline.


A website or (web)app. It is the only and ultimate way to sell your product or service independently of any fundamental circumstance, without any limitation. Call it a hub, a home or a shopping window – your customers will always take a look on your website when they consider doing business with your organization. Obviously, a pleasant, functional and beautiful website will incline your customers to take action towards you.

Presenting your product or service, like in a traditional shop - that is what a website does. However, your website does it 24/7, and can consistently guide your customers towards the information they are looking for instantly. The showcasing aspect of a website will increase the rate of sales, even though your business operates a traditional or physical store with products.

We build powerful websites that are both: stunningly beautiful and functioning like a rocket. Websites that we design are just something unique to interact with. For example, we implement a grid that is wider than in traditional websites which gives your website a great spacious impression. Also, we design clean lay-outs with a very strong element hierarchy so your conversion will be as high as possible. Also, we design information- and active-supportive scroll- and hover-effects and animations. Ultimately, to guide your website visitors towards the most relevant information or call-to-actions on your website and make visits turn into money.

When your website is live, we provide several services to attract new visitors such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). We prepare content plannings, manage your social media or advertising accounts, design creatives or banners and come up with catchy copies for each channel. We build on our experience in these types of marketing for diverse verticals and exactly know what campaign set up, scope and creative choice works best for many target audiences.

In order to come to these masterpiece end-results, we operate a structured co-creative working process where we transform your business goals into wireframes and styleframes to ultimately design and develop a working website. For all websites that we deliver, we integrate a Content Management System (CMS) so you can log-in and edit your website's content easily and publish changes real-time yourself. We implement CMS systems of market leaders such as Wordpress, Shopify and Webflow.

Finally, we offer full-stack hosting to our customers. Do you have a good idea in mind? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to register your dream domain name, such as We take care of the registration of your domain with any extension (.com, .io, .nl, .eu, etc.) and the hosting of your webserver and e-mailboxes. M7 Webhosting is known for its good uptime, transparant and sharp pricing and excellent service.


A picture says more than a thousand words – so does a video at 60 frames per second! At M7, we are totally passionated about videos, animations and everything that moves fancy. And so do your organization's customers. Especially while the average reading time decreases day by day, a video can explain and present a lot in a matter of seconds. We have much experience in the full-stack production of videos, animations and 3D renders to promote products or services.

Collaboratively, we brainstorm about a strong video strategy and concept and work out a clear script with the needed actors, materials and shots. After the script is there, we organize a shooting day at your location with our media team to capture all necessary footage. Afterwards, we take serious time to scan, assemble and edit the footage into a stunning end result. Also, we produce or add professional voiceovers or audio to give your video that finishing touch.

Do you want to explain your customer how to use your online platform? A video is the perfect tool to take your customer by the hand and walk him or her through the needed steps. We are experienced in animated videos with both 2D and 3D animations, to present (online) products and concepts clearly. Moreover, animated videos can also schematically
explain internal business processes for new employees. It can be the finest form of documentation.

Finally, we design awesome 3D models. For several clients, we designed a 3D presentation of a conceptual product such as to-be-realized outdoor sport fields. Here, we have the extraordinary capability to creatively turn a sketch, a set of images or bullet list into a realistic 3D model. This can really impress stakeholders and clients.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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