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Logo Design

Your logo, your very first impression

A logo often forms the very first impression of your organization that a potential customer gets. We have a broad experience in logo design for organizations of any kind and scale. We like to design logos clean, elegant and timeless.


A logo design is like your organization's face: it is the cornerstone thing your customers will recognize. Even though it looks simple or simplistic, there is more behind it. Designing logos is in fact the very first service that we started offering to our customers, in 2015. Back then, it mostly concerned "just design me a nice logo" questions. However, today we are involved in many extensive branding processes in which a logo is just an output element. It should reflect your organization's corporate identity and core values. It should be so good that your audience can reference it to your product or service, recognize it when they see it and empathize with your brand.

We love clean and simplistic design. We mostly use sans-serif fonts, square or round shapes and no complexity or unnecessary details. It is important to keep the final use cases for a logo in mind when designing it. A perfect logo should fit in a social media, poster or flyer frame, which is often times rather landscape oriented or square-ish. Additionally, we strongly prefer monocolor logos since they are consistently visible when printed or lasercutted and when used on different colored backgrounds. Finally, we take into account sub- and co-branding opportunities for your brand. In this way, we keep the logo modular and adaptive to different branches or products/services that are part of your brand.


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