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TeamTV - the all-in-one video solution for sports

We were trusted by TeamTV to completely revamp their website, including the onboarding flow to their SaaS-product and lead-flow.

  • An advanced review of the content and URL-structure
  • Webdesign and webdevelopment in Webflow
  • Design of an interactive onboarding flow
  • Implementation of Weglot multi-language with slug translations
  • Design of diverse graphic illustrations

About this project

After successfully being the main partner in designing a 2.0 version of the UI/UX of their application, we got trusted by TeamTV to revamp their website. The goal here was to create an enterprise look website that matches the current state of TeamTV's SaaS product. TeamTV's product has grown from an application for coaches and players (end users), till a full-fledged video platform for multiple stakeholders such as sport federations and league holders. The new website would serve as the main "hub" in guiding all those important stakeholders to find the information they need, and convert the visitors into customers. The idea was to work with Webflow because of the flexible front-end possibilities and speed of development.

In order to revamp the website, we extensively analyzed the most important stakeholders of TeamTV, and came up with wireframes that visualized the structure of the pages. We introduced an advanced collection structure with collections for "audiences", "use cases", "products" and "features" that were all cross-related to each other. Also, we created collections for testimonials, customers, FAQs etcetera, that were secondarily linked to the earlier mentioned collections. With these building bricks, we created the basis for a strong, scalable website with generative dynamic content.

We also implemented a highly interactive onboarding flow for new customers, enabling them to create a user account and get started in the application right away. Ultimately, we integrated Weglot multi-language for 4 languages, and we implemented Weglot's new beta version of slug-translations. This has dramatically improved the accessibility of the TeamTV website for different locals in Europe.

A strong website is depending greatly on visuals – which is why we also cared for custom animations, graphic illustrations and load-, scroll- and hover animations. The website has become the major marketing mechanism in TeamTV's SaaS business.

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