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Website for the ultimate dynamic chicken wagon

We designed and developed the all-new Kippenkar website from scratch, featuring lots of nice interactions and opt-in automations.

  • Product presentation / catalog
  • Extensive CMS structure in Webflow
  • Webdesign + development
  • Multilanguage in Weglot + advanced SEO
  • Diverse personalized e-mail automations
  • Opt-in mechanism for leads

About this project

Wijkamp Farming Solutions is a Dutch company specialized in implementing technical solutions in the farming industry. With over 75 sales in a couple of years, the Kippenkar (chicken wagon) is their main product. This is a solid chicken shelter on wheels with different handy tools for farmers to produce and sell chicken eggs. The chicken wagon comes in different variants to address different segments of customers.

After designing and developing the initial websites for Wijkamp Farming Solutions and Kippenkar years ago, we were approached once again to give the organization an online facelift and boost in performance. Through a great co-creative process that started from the drawing table, we managed to design and develop a high-end website with awesome product presentation and a well thought-out opt-in process with automated e-mails and access to product-brochures. Also, we implemented an advanced CMS structure in Webflow to relate specific chicken wagon variants to optional accessories and show the configuration possibilities on the front-end.

Finally, we implemented Weglot to facilitate three different languages: Dutch, German and English. Also, all e-mail automations are implemented in multi-language to optimally reply to potential customers in an automated but personal way. Together with the extensive SEO optimization that we did on the website and all pages/elements, we implemented the multi-language on subdomains to improve Google's indexing of the website in the other languages.

On the first day after launch, Kippenkar got over 50 (!) brochure requests via the website - which lead to a great success immediately! The website nowadays serves as the main information hub and lead mechanism of Wijkamp Farming Solutions.

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