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Managing IT & Innovation in a World of Transport that Runs 24/7

We have been BCTN's main partner in IT & Innovation management, coordinating an important strategic shift for BCTN and its clients.

  • IT Project Management
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Consultancy

About this project

BCTN is one of the largest Inland Network of container terminals in the Benelux, offering many container-transport related services to the world's largest organizations like Nike, Heineken and IKEA. In 2018, BCTN approached us to help implementing their newly released truck-app - an app that was meant to collect trucker related info like departure, arrival, unload and decouple times at client docks. By showing our commitment not only limited to the scope of this project, but also to the high-level IT strategy for BCTN, we have been given the chance to partner up with BCTN as their external innovation coordinator. Throughout the years, we helped BCTN redefine their IT service framework and innovation strategy. Additionally, we managed the development of several hardware-software systems like the speedgates, truck-app, portal and E-CMR. Today, we are part of some important internal routines like the management team meeting and we actively stay in the loop of development of their 8 terminal locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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