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Solar Micro-Electronics Made Simple

We designed and developed the all new website for Taylor Technologies, explaining an advanced solar micro-electronics technology in an easy, accessible and professional manner.

  • Corporate identity
  • Concepting
  • Wireframing
  • Webdesign & development
  • Iconography
  • CMS integration

About this project

Taylor Technologies is a Dutch tech business that develops solar micro-electronics and supplies it to engineering companies. In order to attract both, B2B customers and R&D partners, Taylor approached us with the question to redesign their corporate identity and to develop a new website. In diverse creative iterations we redesigned the corporate identity of Taylor to a bright and minimalistic one that would be acknowledged by their B2B partners and clients. Concerning the website, we set up an agile co-creative process in which we involved the management team of Taylor to conceptualize their technology and decompose it into understandable snippets. Based on this, we created the wireframes - the skeleton - of the new website, in order to validate the structure and logic of the pages and their content before the time consuming development phase started. Afterwards, we designed different styleframes to guide decision-making on styling – which we ultimately applied to the wireframe structure to come to a complete webdesign. Additionally, we designed custom icons to finish the accessible and professional look of the website. Finally, we integrated a content management system to make adjustments on the website content easy for administrators. The website has resulted in a tremendous increase in brand image for Taylor, which has throughout the years opened doors to large-scale parties that were beforehand unreachable.

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