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Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand strategies that win marketing games

We have much experience with many kinds of businesses and their brands at diverse scales. Modern business landscape is like a warzone in terms of marketing – we help your organization with the strategy and positioning of your brand to stand out of this battle.


A brand is more than a bunch of colors and a logo. A brand is an expression of value, identity and trust. When done right, a brand truly connects to your target audience, hence a loyal attitude regarding your products and services. We help your organization in your branding trajectory, starting with an analysis of your business, its core values and context. We come up with strategic brand products like naming of branches and products/services, tone of voice and the way of communicating to your audience. We also help with positioning – how to market your product or service and determine pricing, complementary to your brand strategy. Finally, we offer full-stack brand design from logo to typography and iconography. Often times, we summarize all brand deliverables in the M7 Brandbook.

We design brands that sustain and generate loyalty. During our branding trajectories for our clients, we like to think about and reference to brand archetypes. This helps in constructing a strategy and positioning for your organization as a whole or separate branches, products or services. Here, no archetype is per say better than another and can work out in its own way. However, it is crucial to analyze your organization's identity and the characteristics of the people working in it to determine what archetype resonates best. For instance, Apple is an example of the "magician" archetype within the "ego" branch. One may recognize this in their way of introducing new technology as magical products. At M7, we are passionate about branding archetypes and creating the best suiting marketing material along with it.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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