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Video Shooting & Editing

A video tells more than a thousand words

We offer full-stack video production services to any kind of business. From concepting and storyboarding to shooting and editing – we deliver videos that get your audience goosebumps.


A photo tells more than a thousand words. So does a video at 60 frames per second! We are experienced in full-stack video production and editing. Nowadays, in order to catch the attention of your audience online, more is needed than just a fancy post, banner or personal text. Video is the ultimate way to dynamically present your products, services and ideas. Moreover, a well-produced video will enable you to tell a relatively complex or long story to your audience in comparison to static content because its audio/video component triggers more senses than static content. So, do you want to really make clear your new idea? Or extensively explain your new service? Or tell an inspiring story about your brand to your audience? A video is the way to go.

Whether your business is in need of a small social media teaser, a product tutorial video or an extensive corporate video, we deliver it with care for the finest details. At M7, we always start at the concept, taking into account your business goals and video purpose. After the craziest ideas are exchanged with our client, we construct a structured script explaining the desired end-result shot-by-shot. Also, we incorporate the needed actors, materials and assets as an attachment so we have a working plan beforehand. When the plan is there, we organize a shooting day at location with our team of professional videographers to capture high-quality shots. Here, we follow the script closely but allow creative impulsions and spontaneous actions to make the video natural. After the production day(s), we take serious time to assemble and process the footage, and start editing. We strive to perfection in every detail of the video, such as transitions, color correction, overlay effects and eventual voiceovers. But, ultimately, we focus on the overall vibe of the video - intro, outro, video order, build-up tension and audio are of crucial importance to make the video stand out that little extra, if you ask us.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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