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3D Modeling

3D Models. Visualize, realize, find things out and present pre-production

We design 3D models and animations that help organizations present new concepts or products with a top-notch degree of reality and visualization. These can be used for spatial presentation purposes but also as technical blueprints of new products and architecture.


A picture says more than a thousand words. But what if you can not make a picture yet – a 3D model is the most pixel-perfect way to mock-up your organization's product in advance of production. We have a demonstrated experience with industry top software such as Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to design extremely convincing models and scenes. Key in our way of working with 3D models is the point of interest that can be controlled: together with our clients we decide what the end user needs or wants to see. By playing around with colors, lighting, compositions and scenes, we are able to perfectly drag attention to whatever needed.

Especially in high-stake situations with capital intensive projects such as architecture and urban design, a 3D model can serve as the perfect conversation-piece. We are able to include environmental aspects such as buildings, forest and interiors with a high degree of detail and reality. Moreover, 3D models may also be interesting for start-ups: by using a virtual representation of a new product, things like potential customer demand can be tested in early stages which accelerates R&D and product development.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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