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On-the-fly Password Generation - The New Wave in Cyber Security

We designed and developed the all-new MindYourPass website, browser plug-in (web-app) and native app taking on the challenging task to design for a next generation cyber security solution.

  • Wireframing
  • Webdesign and development
  • UI/UX design
  • Web-app design
  • App design

About this project

MindYourPass is a Dutch tech start-up that developed a patented new technology for on-the-fly strong password generation. It offers a full organizational security solution that goes far beyond the regular password managers. We took on the amazing challenge to design and develop the website, browser extension/plug-in and native app UI/UX for MindYourPass. In a close collaboration with the management team, we mapped the most important stakeholders and designed the website sections and flows accordingly. Even though the solution may be complex and intangible, we managed to create supportive visuals that make the concept clear for both, end users and B2B customers. MindYourPass now uses the website as their main information and resources hub for new customers and users. Downloads, FAQ and product information like pricing can be retrieved. Regarding the MindYourPass browser plug-in and native app that is used by organizations to generate passwords safely, we designed the complete user interface and experience - taking into account over 10 different scenarios and user flows with different ways of providing feedforward and feedback to the user. Finally, we designed some smooth transitions and effects that make these apps awesome to use.

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