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Web Design & Development

Full-stack design and development of skyrocketing web products

Online presence is cool, but in the end, your customers should be able to get into action in order to generate revenue. In online business, a website or app functions as the cornerstone when it comes to actionable information, purchases and inquiries.


Organizations that clearly understand today's digital playground know that a website is the core, the hub, the center of information and call-to-action for customers, partners and other stakeholders. In a typical web project, we put real efforts in aligning on your business goals. Without these in mind, a website ends up like a floating professional-must-have. Exactly for this reason, it is good to think twice about your website and connect with a strategic design and development partner like M7. Our team of geniuses has a demonstrated experience in many different web projects, ranging from basic informational websites and e-commerce websites to fully custom web-apps/platforms with complex features, integrations and Content Management Systems.

We don't just design super pretty websites, our webdesign is based on your business strategy and is simplistic, clean and fast, and follows proven UX principles to convince each subset of your target audience. It's the details that make our websites stand out that little extra. We focus on next level visuals, hover and scroll effects, revolutionary lay-outs, good content hierarchy and peripheral / thumb zones for an excellent user experience at the front-end, but also at often forgotten SEO (Search Engine Optimization), minified code for faster page loading, next level page and behavioral analytics and a scalable and easy to use management system. We combine all these crucial technical ingredients with your business goals as a long-term partner, to keep your website effective and scalable in this rapidly evolving world of digital business.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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