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Social Media Marketing

Content is king

We run social media marketing campaigns that generate leads and boost your organization's online sales.


Content is king. It is the repetitive visibility of authentic or convincing content that makes your target audience inclined for a buying decision online. We are experienced in social media marketing when it comes to both: sponsored and unsponsored campaigns. The former type of campaigns, we often approach with a rather analytical view. Who are your existing customers? At which channels are they active? By mapping the customer journey, we determine which customers are closest to a buying decision for your organization and optimize the campaign strategy to that target group. Measuring is knowing – that's why we make sure all your campaign-related traffic is measured by means of a "tag". After running paid advertisements, we carefully review the campaign results and optimize and iterate accordingly. Ultimately, our goal is to bring back revenue statistics to the return over investment (ROI) and convincingly scale up your marketing budget to bring your online leads to the next level.

We also offer content marketing services that help your organization reach an increased customer and brand engagement for the long term. We mainly do this by creating authentic social media posts - banners, reels, short videos - and by creative copywriting and blogging. By closely considering your brand's core values and organizational situation, we can construct a content plan: a document that contains information about what and when to post social media content at each social media channel. We use our grounded experience with target audiences on for instance Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to optimize content based on engagement. Even though it is harder to measure return on investment for content marketing, we think it is important to sit together with our clients to review what exact developments in customer engagement have been achieved.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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