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Keeping it all online, with optimal performance

M7 Webhosting is meant to keep your organization's website or web-app online, fast and safe 24/7. We register and manage domain names and provide web- and mailhosting services so you can focus on what is most important in your business.


At M7, we cherish ideas. We embrace people and enterprises that do the same. Therefore, we offer domain registration and hosting services to our clients to be able to make use of their custom domain name and space on the internet. Also, we can create as many custom e-mail accounts as you like such as and Custom domains contribute both to your professional corporate identity and to the structure of your organization and e-mails. In case your organization operates on an international domain, we take care of the desired domain redirections of domains with multiple extensions such, .nl and .eu.

We offer our hosting in multiple packages, ranging from a basic package to a custom or prestige package. All of our hosting packages come with standard SSL-security, so you are always completely GDPR-compliant. Our basic package includes a solid base hosting that is perfectly suitable for enterpreneurs and small businesses that want to host a relatively simple website and make use of their custom e-mail accounts. Our pro package features a powerful hosting that matches the needs of mid-sized enterprises that require high speed, collaboration and bandwidth for more than 5 mail users, and have a more complex website with many dynamic web pages. Finally, we offer custom/prestige webhosting to large firms with 50+ mail users and large websites or web-apps that drive constant high traffic, handling many files and form submissions. All packages include an outstanding client service and flexible scaling, so your organization never runs into limitations.


We already helped 250+ clients across the globe skyrocketing their ideas and projects.

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